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By giving different sets of values, you can variate the translated message dynamically.

In the following example, the placeholder , and you provide an associative array whose keys are the placeholder names (without the curly brackets) and whose values are the corresponding values placeholder to be replaced with.

The value is always formatted according to the locale you are translating to i.e. To get a list of options available for locale you're using check "Numbering schemas, Spellout" at

you cannot change decimal or thousands separators, currency symbol etc. If you need to customize these you can use yii\i18n\Formatter::as Decimal() and yii\i18n\Formatter::as Currency(). The parameter value should be treated as a number and formatted as an ordinal name. To get a list of options available for locale you're using check "Numbering schemas, Ordinal" at

For example, and other special argument names vary depending on language.

To learn which ones you should specify for a particular locale, please refer to "Plural Rules, Cardinal" at The format is very close to what's used for plurals.

Locale is a set of parameters that defines the user's language, country and any special variant preferences that the user wants to see in their user interface.

It is usually identified by an ID consisting of a language ID and a region ID.

You can do that by configuring a wildcard category .For example, the ID is a two-letter country code according to ISO-3166.More details about locale can be found in the documentation of the ICU project.The Yii::t() method will call the When translating a message, you can embed some placeholders and have them replaced by dynamic parameter values.You can even use special placeholder syntax to have the parameter values formatted according to the target language.

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